Instigate Genocide
and then
Play the Victim

The Vatican will demonize and undermine the Jew every-which-way -
for centuries on-end, and then stand-by (so-innocently) as the Jews twist-in-the-wind,
or more accurately, horrifically asphyxiate to death on Zyklon-B poison
(babes-in-arms) in Nazi Gas Chambers. All per the time-honored diabolical Vatican scripting.  

Then, the Vatican will 'innocently' maneuver to play the victim via its cute 'Auschwitz Cross' and 'Six Million' gambit.

All in plain sight  - and now via contemporary popes as the front & center 'in-your-face' perpetrators

The Art of the Con

The Catholic Church prefers to commemorate Auschwitz 
not with the rest of the world on Jan 27
but, rather,
closer to Polish Christianization Day in Summer

Why? Because the Church is endeavoring to re-write Holocaust history
and, believe-it-or-not,
endeavoring to morph
the 6 million Jewish dead into 6 million Polish Catholic dead

Why? To the Church, 6 million Polish Catholic holocaust 'martyrs' (however fictional)
is more in the Church interest
than 6 million Jewish Holocaust martyrs (the reality)

FYI / Holocaust denial - meaning denial of the real Holocaust - i.e. six million Jewish dead -
is a crime across much of the world
- aside from the fact that it is a perverted diabolical gambit


Exact Same Homicidal Vatican Tool-Kit



Instigate the (physical)murder
of European Jewry 
during the 1939-1945 period 
via the New Testament itself & Passion Plays
diabolically twisting the historical record of the First Century
( see flip-book below: Inversions & Misrepresentations )


Instigate the (memory) murder
of European Jewry
during the post-1979 era 
via contemporary popes
diabolically twisting the historical record of the 20th Century
( via the nefarious & inter-related -  Auschwitz Cross / 'Six Million' gambits  )
( see this Scroll-Down )









'So Holy are we', emotes the Vatican,'so very Holy'.....


White is Black


"We should always be disposed to believe

that that which appears white

is really black,

if the hierarchy of the Church so decides."



- Saint Ignatius of Loyola
  c. 1523 CE


The final stage of Genocide

Per Genocide Watch (see flip-book attached - or,
DENIAL is the final stage of genocide (of ten stages).

And, indeed,  DENYING the Jewish dimension of the Holocaust - is the essence of the Church hijacking gambit here.

Indeed, DENIAL is the final stage of the Church-inspired and Nazi-directed genocide. 

Holocaust Denial - courtesy of the mind masters back in Rome.

Thus, everything now comes together, does it not Pope Francis?

# Cover up the Church-inspired dimension of the crime

# Hijack the iconography

# Strip the Jews of the Holocaust-memory shield

# Pave-the-way for new atrocities - against the Jews

Deploy the popes themselves for the high-stakes criminal gambit.


Remote-control Genocide

[ Remote-Control genocide is playing the enabler of genocide -
by demonization of the Jews and/or Holocaust denial/distortion. ] 


Pope Francis,

You went to Auschwitz July 2016.

At my 'gentle suggest', you cancelled your speech and only had prayer in silence.

But you were indeed there as pope.  

You saw the Vatican con (the Cross) first-hand.

And the 'innocent' Cross is still there, as you well-know,
          years after your visit.


You are quite-fully aware-of - and versed-in -  the callous con underway.

You know the gambit. Precisely.

You are not a stupid individual.  

You understand the dire consequences
of stripping-away the Holocaust-remembrance shield from the Jews

You know the genocidal consequence of 
the Wojtyla-Ratzinger 'Cross/Six Million' gambit. 

You lead over a billion people.

Do you truly wish to rape the memory of the Jewish Holocaust dead?

How many living Jewish teenage girls do you wish to condemn to gang-rape Francis?  How many, Francis? To appease the machiavellian Polish Church, Francis? Again? How many Polish Church clerics directly served - in Church-garb - shoulder-to-shoulder with the Nazi Storm Troopers on the Nazi front lines?

How many your eminence?

You sell your soul for these characters?

You betray Jesus for these characters?

You betray all the seminarians globally who trust you - for these characters?

You betray the random fine Christian family globally - for these dark characters?

You know the inevitable murderous (to-the-Jews) consequences of  
the 'Cross at Auschwitz / Six million' gambit.

As of this moment,
you are giving your personal papal imprimatur to - 
     remote-control genocide
     remote-control rape
     remote-control murder

Nobody is 'buying-into' the (Popes) Wojtyla-Ratzinger 
phoney-baloney revisionist history gambit.

Do you stand with the Jewish victims -
do you stand with the remote-control genociders?

Did you really, truly sign-up for the papacy
to give your imprimatur to this diabolical gambit?

Perhaps the entire Catholic Church is simply an ongoing
diabolical and genocidal
power-crazed entity
cleverly masquerading as a so-holy religious movement?



The whole world is watching, Pope Francis.

We define ourselves by our actions.

Act like the head of a billion person religion.

Remove the disingenuous Cross at Auschwitz forthwith.

Publicly and permanently. You know the deal. 

Declare Never Again vis a' vis a Cross at Auschwitz.

End the Holocaust Hijacking endeavor. Immediately.

Show us proof publicly that this satanic gambit is being terminated.

Else, we presume you are an enemy of humanity.




for important supplemental, see (short & quick) mini-flip-books below this narrow gray panel


Instigate Genocide,
Con the World

There are many ways to commit murder

Heavily demonize a super-minority group; and set them up for mass-murder ?

Remote-Control murder  - via demonization - is just but one of many modalities,
as the Vatican manual no doubt elucidates.


Murder is bad, pontiff,
- even if you have dehumanized your target for 20 centuries.

Stealing memory is bad pontiff,
- even if your cohort has practically invented the genre.

Bearing false witness is bad pontiff
- even if, as rumor has it, you 'own the space'

Standing over the blood of your brother is bad pontiff
- even if you desperately want 'authenticity' dead & buried

And, just one last thing pontiff.....We can't breathe