Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Concurrent and Integral c. 66–100 CE


Less than a decade after the deaths of Paul and James the Just, and simultaneous with the Roman assault on Judea, the Greek Paulines layer–on a virulent anti–Semitism into the corpus of their religion. Anti–Semitism and Christianity will be connected at the hip from 66 CE until Nostre Aetate in the 1960s, almost 1900 years later to the day.

The Greek Paulines have their own agenda. They will dramatically morph the vision of Paul into their own. Step by step, they will significantly overlay Greek, Pagan, Gnostic, Mystery Cult and other resonant motifs onto the theological legacy of Paul, which was itself a major morphing of the legacy of the neo-Orthodox Jewish Jesus.

However, the Greek Paulines know that they will have to bear the brunt of a potentially fatal Pharisee intellectual, philosophical, and theological counter–attack. This potential Jewish intellectual counter–attack was – and is – the Achilles heel of (Pauline) Christianity.

Additionally, the Christians did not want to bear the brunt of any despotic Roman Emperor’s scapegoating. Better that the Jews play that role.

Like all groups, the Greek Paulines will play first to survive – and then to prevail. The Greek Pauline ‘solution’ to the Jewish intellectual threat, would be to raise the stakes and shift the battlefield. The Greek Pauline counter–measure would be to delegitimize and blacken the Jews as a people. Delegitimize, Defame and Destroy.

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