Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Continuum? the stakes


As noted, Christian lore and tradition sideline the neo-Orthodox Jewishness of Jesus and his Disciples. Concurrently, Christian lore and tradition (invalidly but conveniently) position the nazirite group of James the Just as Jewish Christians and (invalidly but conveniently) position the nazirites as in basic harmony with Paul.

Church lore and tradition thus attempt to establish a ‘Paul continuum.’ This asserted ‘Paul continuum’ is (invalidly but conveniently) crafted as allegedly tracking back straight to Jesus, as follows:


  •  Disciples of Jesus
  • James the Just
  • Paul
  • The Greek Paulines
  •  The Church Fathers

This attempts to establish a key ‘holy continuum.

However, the theology of the first group of three,namely –

  •   Jesus
  •   Disciples of Jesus
  •  James the Just / Nazirites

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