Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Contradictory & Confused


The Canon Gospels are internally contradictory, and collectively confused. There is a consistent pattern of historical ‘fix.’ As noted, the Gospels contradict each other on key events, such as the crucial date relative to the First Night of Passover, that Jesus is actually executed by Rome. Was it the day leading into Passover, the First day of Passover, or a later day in Passover? As noted, the four gospels give three different versions. Thus, even on the core and crucial date of the very public execution of Jesus, around which the entire Gospels, and indeed Christendom, pivot, and to which presumably there was indeed clear contemporaneous witness, there is cumulative gospel contradiction and confusion.

Notwithstanding the amorphous and disembodied portrayal of key events and sequences in the Canon Gospels, notwithstanding the fact that the gospel narrators were not contemporaneous with the events they write of, notwithstanding that to this day we do not know who these anonymous Gospel authors actually were, notwithstanding a myriad of problems with the historical veracity of any of the gospels, notwithstanding all of the above, the Church Fathers, operating under the rubric of Love Thy Neighbor, felt no compulsion in stitching–together and fostering the dissemination over 19 centuries of the virulently anti–Jewish ‘normative

Passion Saga’ which has a very direct and central message: Hate The Jews.

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