Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Expropriating the Martyr


With the First Century Greek Pauline Apostles intent on expropriating the Jesus martyr saga for their new religion, these Apostles had to ‘immunize’ potential recruits and new adherents from going after the original, meaning from converting to Judaism. The Church stratagem would consequently be to simultaneously idolize Jesus and his Disciples, while trashing the Jewish people and the Jewish character.

This dual focus stratagem is the fount of all that ensued, from the ‘New Testament’ thru the Crusades thru the Inquisition thru the Russian pogroms and leading into the twentieth century.

The ongoing multi–century Church ‘cover–up’ then assumes ‘center stage.’ The tactics of the cover–up include both the demonization and the decimation of the Jews.

The Church Fathers, and in particular, the Doctors of the Church, turbo–charged the vitriol of the Greek Paulines even further.

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