Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

The Creation of anti–Semitism c. 66–100 CE The ‘demonic-amalgam’ implant


Christianity, would over the 32 year span following the Roman assault on Judea (67 BCE), become a virulently anti–Jewish enterprise.

Garden variety Greek and Gnostic competitive anti–Jewishness will be sculpted by the Greek Paulines, and later refined by their successors, the Church Fathers, into a uniquely destructive diabolical theological lethal virus.

Garbed in theology, inverted history and toxic imagery, this toxin would be a quantum level more virulent than anything ever employed by previous competitors of the Jews. The Greek Paulines create anti–Semitism as we know it post–68 CE. It is their other signature creation.

This created virus will be Holy Writ”–grounded. It will be a smear campaign of virulent intensity. The virus will burn to the core of the psyche of those infected by it.

This European Church–crafted virus will brand the Jew as a diabolical entity embodying the inter–related and overlapping toxic attributes of –

the Forces of Darkness
the demonic / satanic
the sinister
a betraying entity
a Christ killing entity
a blood lusting entity
a criminal entity

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