Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Gnosticism Font of Christianity


Gnosticism was and is heavily dualistic: The Forces of Good combat the Forces of Evil.

In Gnosticism (including at the time of the Early Christians) there was a Savior (in Greek, “Soter”) who was one of a Trinity of divine beings. This savior was also called “the Son of God” – from the World of Light. He redeemed mankind by his suffering and then ascended to Heaven to sit by his Father in Everlasting Glory.

Gnostics sometimes (but far from always) incorporate the Jewish God, Jehovah, in their tradition, and sometimes as a kind of dark entity Devil, the Creator (Demiurge) of this evil fallen world – from which the Savior comes to redeem us.

Christianity, a composite tributary of Gnosticism, will incorporate major and key Gnostic motifs. Christianity will compete ‘theologically with Judaism, and attack ‘personally,’ and quite viciously.

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