Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Historian David Flusser* on The Sanhedrin ***


“…according to all that is reported about the Pharisees, they could not have acquiesced in the surrender of Jesus to the Romans….

… Was it an official assembly of the Sanhedrin [or a rogue group of Sadducee priests] that condemned Jesus to death? John knew nothing about it, and in the whole of Luke – not just in his description of the Passion – a verdict of the supreme court is not even mentioned.3

…To be blunt, the night session in the high priest’s house is a product of Mark’s [manipulative and toxic] literary creativity, as is his notion of Jesus’ condemnation to death by the Jewish Supreme Court.5 By contrast, Luke is free from the assertion that Jesus was

formally condemned to death by the Jewish authorities. …

*** see also our discussion in exhibit:The Alleged Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus, 33 CE.

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