Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Historian Jules Isaac on Where are the Romans?


 “In 1960 Father Leon–Dufour put it more frankly: “In the main, the Jews were more and more accused, the Romans more and more excused…probably because the Christian apostolate was turning toward the pagans.: The impartial historian Marcel Simon is even more explicit: “The authors [of the Gospels], anxious to humor Rome, visibly took pains to present the passion in such a way that the Roman government, represented by Pilate, comes out of the affair practically spotless, while the Jews are weighed down with a guilt which they openly admit.”

 What conclusions may be drawn from this preliminary examination? That the historian has a right and a duty, an absolute duty, to see the Gospel accounts of the Passion as testimony weighted against the Jews.”

Jules Isaac (b. November 18, 1877; d. 1963, Aix–en–Provence) was a Jewish French historian.

source: Jules Isaac, The Teaching of Contempt, Canada: Holt, Rinehart and  Winston, © 1962, p. 132