Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Historian Young on Jesus

“The fact that Jesus was a Jew is seldom questioned today, but its far–reaching ramifications for the interpretation of his life are routinely passed over. Although Jesus was Jewish, his theology is sometimes treated as if he were Christian. But Jesus never attended a church. He never celebrated Christmas. He never wore new clothes on Easter Sunday. His cultural orientation was rooted deeply in the faith experience of his people. His teachings concerning God’s love and the dignity of each human being were based upon the foundations of Jewish religious thought during the Second Temple period. The more we learn about this fascinating period of history, the more we will know about Jesus. Jesus worshipped in the synagogue. He celebrated the Passover. He ate kosher food. He offered prayers in the Temple in Jerusalem. The Jewish religious heritage of Jesus impacted his life in every dimension of his daily experience.

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