Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Historian Young on Jewish Protectiveness of Jesus & Disciples

“[Roman] soldiers were unable to arrest him during the day on the Temple Mount because large crowds of [Jewish] people supported Jesus. In fact, after the crucifixion when the [Roman lackey] Sadducees seek to arrest the apostles [Disciples], the soldiers are commanded not to use force because the people [the Pharisees/Jews] will stone them (Acts 5:26). This New Testament text from Acts is seldom mentioned, most probably because it describes the Jewish population of Jerusalem as protecting the apostles [Disciples] from Roman persecution through [by] the Sadducean aristocracy.

After the [Roman lackey] Sadducees apprehended the apostles [Disciples], the leader of the Pharisees [the Jews] Rabban Gamaliel persuaded the [Sadducee] council to release them.”


source: R. Steven Notley, Marc Turnage and Brian Becker, Jesus’ Last Week.
The Netherlands: Koninklijke Brill, 2006, p. 203.