Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2


Jesus was a teacher/rabbinic/preacher in Galilee
(northern Israel today).

Born: 4 BCE; executed by Rome: 33 CE

The Common Era calendar commences with his birth.

A calculation error by the calendar–formulators resulted in his birth year being 4 BCE instead of 0 CE.

Jesus of Nazareth was neo-Orthodox Jewish.*A   Apocalyptic and messianic, pressing the outer boundaries of messianic doctrine, but neo-Orthodox nevertheless.

His life and death are employed as the centerpiece of Christianity,

a religion whose creation as a composite was started by Paul
(of Tarsus) in the c. 50 CE period and advanced first by the Greek Paulines (in the 62–100 CE period) after him. However, Christianity
is simultaneously severely anti–Jewish. The intense anti–Jewish thrust of Christianity spans its core documents as well as its
institutional dogma and actions over the centuries.


*A (1 of 2) see Hyam Maccoby, Revolution in Judaea, entire chapter 10:

Jesus, Rabbi and Prophet, pp. 103–114.

*A (2 of 2) see David Flusser, Jesus, Jerusalem, The Hebrew University Magnes Press © 2001

All evidence – from multiple directions – vectors to the conclusion that Jesus was neo-Orthodox Jewish – author.

Both Maccoby and Flusser, preeminent scholars of the era and of the subject under discussion, were themselves Orthodox Jewish – and both categorized Jesus as “Orthodox Jewish.”

0Maccoby believed, as well, that for at least a part of his life, Jesus was a nazir (religious ascetic) as well.

Flusser believed, as well, that Jesus was a tsadik (righteous/saintly individual).

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