Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Manipulating the Faithful



The mind savants at the apex of the First Century Greek Pauline hierarchy implanted an ancient mind–manipulation technique:

By juxtaposing multi–pronged and intense HATE v. multi–pronged and intense LOVE, the group leadership would not only be able to potentially turbo–charge both polarities, but could potentially ‘charge–up’ the psyche in–between and as–a–whole.


(a) the intense juxtaposition first revs–up both polarities –Love vs. Hate – (as the two intense polarities will ‘ping’ off each other)

(b) the greater the emotional distance between the polarity of intense love at the one extreme, and the polarity of intense hatred at the other extreme, the higher the probability that the psyche in–between would be ‘charged–up.’

When individuals are operating in ‘intense duality,’ it feels good (charges the ego) to experience intense separation. (“I am not them.” “They are bad.” “I hate them.” “They need to be destroyed.”)

The oldest part of our brains – the limbic system of the brain – which is near the brain stem – is fine–tuned with regards issues of anger, revenge, fear, love and sex. The limbic portion of the brain potentially gets a ‘charge’ from intense stimulation of these core components of the psyche. Intense dualities only increase the charge.

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