Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Mediterranean Missionary


A hotbed of missionary activity from sundry religious systems, the Mediterranean area in 45 CE (twelve years after the death of Jesus) was a swirl of various masses in search of a fulfilling and convincing religious system.

Missionary competition was active. Converts meant flocks of adherents, with all which that implied for the proselytizers,including potentially not inconsiderable power, for starters.

Missionaries might discern receptivity to sundry themes with particular “energy” resonating through the region

–  sundry variations on dualism (often laced through Gnosticism)

– sundry Trinity paradigms

– sundry Virgin birth themes

– sundry Savior/Redeemer themes
(particularly popular with Mystery Cult and sundry neo-pagan movements)

‘love thy neighbor’ themes

(recently given emphasis by the Pharisees  in their Jewish

‘outreach’ endeavors)

– a wide-spread  appreciation for the ‘authenticity’ of ‘Sinai’

(and of Moses / the Torah) c. 1250 BCE


Within three hundred years, by the conclusion of the (Christian) first Council of Nicae 325 CE in Bithynia (present-day Iznik in
Turkey), Christianity would embrace and/or integrate ALL of the above themes – one way or another –  into its corpus.

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