Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Misrepresentation and Manipulation


A sampling of material misrepresentations – related to the Jews – at the core of Christianity would include the following inter–related manipulations.

[In each instance, I have noted the reality, as opposed to the misrepresentation.]

1) REALITY:  The authorship of the gospels was not only not eye–witness, and not only not contemporaneous, the authorship was not even from within Judea

2) REALITY:  The Greek–Turkish–Syrian, non–Jewish shadow craftsmen of the New Testament had their own political agenda vis à vis the Jews. The New Testament narrative simply does not conform to historical reality.

3) REALITY:  The Greek–Turkish–Syrian authors of the anti–Jewish vignettes are authorship unknown. No one has a clue who they were individually. They were most definitely not Jewish, and most definitely not any of the (Jewish) disciples of Jesus.

4) REALITY:  Mainstream Judaism was not necessarily opposed to Jesus. Mainstream Judaism’s core philosophy, core theology and practice are not antithetical with that of Jesus. Philosophical divergence was in the subjective realm of messianism.

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