Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Playing “Cat and Mouse”?


Ever since historic Notre Aetate (October 28, 1965) the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has been exquisitely careful in all public documents, to steer clear of the historical ‘third rail’ which conveniently (for the Church) diabolically shifted culpability for the crucifixion of Jesus from Rome onto the Jews.

As fate would have it, I was invited by the [Roman Catholic] Legionaries of Christ Order in Thornwood, NY to view their Passion presentation the weekend of March 31 / April 1, 2012. I elected to attend the pre-movie choir and slide-show presentation.

However, one of the key slides (out of about 8) had as its bold-faced heading; dominating the slide: The Jews Crucified Jesus. With no qualification to the incendiary canard.