Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Procurators and Tetrarchs


In the First Century, Rome controlled Greater Judea.

It maintained political control over the expanse via two modalities, employing one or the other to cover the entire land.

Direct control: via prefects or procurators

(both are often lumped together as procurators)

[The preeminent one was Pontius Pilate,

who was Prefect of Judea from 26–36 CE]

Indirect control: via tetrarchs, specifically the Herodian line of ‘tetrarchs/kings’

(such as Herod Antipas 4 BCE – 39 CE)

The domain of the tetrarch was generally to the geographical northeast of the domain of the procurator. Jerusalem was generally under the domain of the procurator.

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