Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

ROSEMARY RUETHER ON JESUS: Central v. Tangential

     “Christians must reckon with the paradox that what is, for them, the great revelatory and salvic event, dominating the center of world history, is, for Judaism’s own historical consciousness, a buried footnote in a curious side–path of Jewish religious history, which ended, [theologically] as far as rabbinic Judaism was concerned, in a dead end. Although the Pharisees apparently did not take such note of Jesus in his own lifetime that one can say, literally, that they rejected him, they did reject him [i.e. that which the Church morphed him into] retroactively, in the sense that they rejected the [allegedly antagonistic] Christ presented to them by the Church. They did so in the same spirit in which they turned their back on all the messianic activism of this period. For them this development had revealed itself as a false direction, destructive alike to the nation and to the individual religious personality.”

Rosemary Radford Ruether (b. 1936) is an American feminist scholar and theologian.

source: Rosemary Ruether, Faith and Fratricide, Oregon: WS Publishers, © 1995, Chapter 1, p. 59.