Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Sedition or Blasphemy


Jewish tradition and virtually all contemporary critical scholarship maintain that Jesus was crucified by Rome for sedition against Rome.

Catholic lore and the Canon Gospels project that Jesus was crucified for blasphemy against the God of Israel.

But, if Christian lore is correct, why should the Romans do the ‘dirty work’? Why should blasphemy against the God of Israel

concern the Romans at all? If anything, blasphemy against the God of Israel, should be music to Roman ears? If Jesus had been  marked for death by the Sanhedrin, which Church lore spins as
all–powerful, why did this allegedly sinister and all–powerful
Sanhedrin not just execute/stone Jesus itself? Stoning, according to the Gospels themselves, was the “handy” Jewish remedy for transgressions against God?

But, in any event, what were the alleged blasphemies?

According to Christian lore the alleged blasphemies by Jesus against the God of Israel, revolved around the following:

1)     Jesus as ‘Messiah’

2)     Jesus as ‘Son of Man’

3)     Jesus as ‘King of the Jews’

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