Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Stoning Blood Libel


Christian lore incorporates at least two sagas of alleged Sanhedrin stoning of key First Century personages – Stephen and James the Just (who was nazirite Orthodox Jewish).

Over the centuries, the church conferred sainthood and other titles and honorifics on both individuals.

The entire issue of James the Just is discussed in the prior exhibit of this appendix. However, in Church lore he is stoned (c. 60–64 CE) by the Sanhedrin, as was, according to Church lore, Stephen before him (c. 33–35 CE)

These alterings of the historical record, in turn parallel the Church concoction of the key blood libel of all–time, the alleged Sanhedrin trial and death–sentencing of Jesus (c. 33 CE).

The evidence is compelling that these two sagas, relating to Stephen and James the Just, are fabrications and anti–Jewish

canards insofar as they pin the stonings, if there were, indeed, stonings at all, on the Sanhedrin, in particular.

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