Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

The Diabolical Judas-Gambit


One of the most incendiary demonizations in Christian lore is the “Judas demonization.” Jesus had 12 disciples, all of them, like Jesus, neo-Orthodox or Orthodox Jewish, as was Jesus himself. One of these was Ioudas (Judas).

Christian lore postures him, however, as the sole Jewish Disciple, with others being cast as some sort of (non-Jewish) universal figures, in-line with the (misleading universalistic / Christian) portrayal of Jesus.

Judas Iscariot is then portrayed in Christian lore as a sinister, betraying, money-grubbing, diabolical entity from the depths of hell. Sometimes depicted with horns and/or tail. The Church Fathers’ intent is to have the diabolical Ioudas/Judas be emblematic of the Jews, as a whole.

The inter-related diabolical intense ‘negative branding’ gambits by the Church of the Jews will, indeed, stick. And millions of innocents will die as a consequence – while the Church beats its breast, proclaims “Brotherly Love,” and canonizes the Church Fathers who concocted the genocidal demonizations in the first place.

There is no historical basis that the particular character Judas ever even truly existed. If he existed, he was one of 12 Jewish Disciples.

In Christian lore, the evil Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss. According to the Church Fathers, posturing loyalty, the diabolical Judas betrays the Lord – for silver. Interesting, that the Church Fathers

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