Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

The Greek Paulines Early Christianity

Greek Pauline missionaries (centered in what is now the Greece–Turkey–Syria region) are the heart of Paul’s group.

Ultimately, they will effect a complete overhaul and mutation of the historical saga and theological superstructure surrounding Jesus.

Subsequent to the murder of James the Just (c. 62 CE in Jerusalem) and the beheading of Paul (c. 62 CE in Rome) the Greek Paulines effectively de facto seize the reigns of power of the Pauline movement. They no longer need to seek any imprimatur from the Orthodox Jewish nazirites of James the Just. For, with James recently conveniently murdered, the ascetic and reclusive Nazirines will not have enough firepower to delegitimize the nimble Paulines if the Paulines can morph the legacy of Jesus.

Thus, in c. January 60 CE there were several key ‘obstacles’ to the Greek Pauline’s vision of Kingdom on Heaven and Earth: James the Just and Paul of Tarsus, himself. By c. December 62 CE, there were none – except the Pharisee Jewish elite.

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