Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Three–Front War 70 CE


Classically, entities are averse to even a 2–front war. However, in 70 CE, the Jews found themselves in a lethal and diabolical 3–front war.

The first front – the military front – was the crushing Roman military assault.

The next front was the High Priest/Hellenistic axis – which was aligned with Rome.

The third front was the Church–front. While packaged as an extension of Jesus’ Judaism, the Church was in fact directly undermining/demonizing the character of the Jew and the integrity of Judaism.

The Church assault was all but invisible to the preoccupied Jews, while the Roman assault, conquest and exile/enslavements were quite frontal. This Church–assault on Judaism would have a decimating and sustained effect, far outlasting the consequences of the military onslaught by Rome.

This Church–assault was sustained, and intensified periodically over the centuries – after the Jews were crushed militarily by Rome, and after Rome itself was co–opted by Christianity. As noted, with the adoption of Christianity by the Roman Empire, the Church accrued unbridled power to project its demonizations.

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