Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 2

Where are the Romans?


Where are the Romans in the Canon Gospels?

Rome was the governing entity in Judea since 6 CE, when Jesus was around nine or ten years old. Rome was the Occupying Power. Rome appointed and controlled the High Priest. The Jewish religious community was in continual protest from that point on, in one form or another, against Rome for the 27 years leading up to the crucifixion of their fellow (neo-Orthodox) Jew, Jesus.

The Gospels center around the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus. But, since Rome was calling all the shots, would it not be relevant–

to relate Rome’s tyrannical power–grip on Judea?

to relate Rome’s co–opting the High Priest Caiaphas?

to relate Rome’s multi–decade dark alliance with the High Priesthood?

to relate that Rome – and only Rome – had the power to execute Jesus?

to relate that Rome – and only Rome – was in the crucifixion business?

to relate that miscellaneous individual Jews did Rome’s bidding, and not vice versa?

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