Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 1


Definition: Torah et al.

In Christianity, the term ‘The Bible’ sequentially incorporates
two divisions:

First Division: The Jewish Canona
Second Division: The Christian Canon

The core of the Jewish Canon is the Torah (the Five Books of Moses).

The core of the Christian Canon is the four Canon Gospels.

The Christian Canon is also known as the aforementioned New Testament a.k.a. Greek New Testament a.k.a. Greek Scriptures a.k.a. New Law.

The New Testament, while packaged back–to–back by the Church with the Old Testament, is simultaneously often (gravely) pejorative to both the letter and spirit of the TaNaKh (Jewish Canon), and to the Jews, the recipients and guardians of the Torah and of the TaNaKh, as a whole.

Thus the New Testament is consistently quite significantly derogatory to the Jews on three basic levels simultaneously:
– to Jewish theology, tradition and law
– to the Jewish nation as a whole, collectively
– to the Jewish character individually

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