Crucifixion of the Jews: Book 1


The first four works of the (27–work) New Testament are the Canon Gospels:
The work fifth ‘in standing’ in Christendom’s New Testament is “Acts” a.k.a Acts of the Apostles
The Christian “Passion Saga” – extrapolated from ‘cherry–picked’ intense vignettes from sundry Gospels (and then often intensely turbo–charged – and not necessarily benignly towards the Jews) – is more often than not highly toxic and incendiary towards the Jews, collectively and individually.

The Passion Saga was and is readily accessible to the Christian masses, and its message and imagery are readily comprehensible to even five–year–olds. For the 1300–year span covered by this book and beyond, the intense Passion
Saga de facto becomes the Christian Bible’s projection to the world. And it is a quite–highly toxic projection vis à vis the Jews.

Moreover, one should not assume that the humanistic posture in church towards the Jews of a random 2010 Presbyterian minister in Vermont, is emblematic of the posture towards the Jews of a random c. 500 CE Catholic cleric in Medieval France/Germany…

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