Jews, Church, & Civilization I

Jews, Church & Civilization – An Integrated Historical Timeline

About the Author

Private scholar David Birnbaum is known in academic circles primarily as the author of the Summa Metaphysica series: an overarching metaphysics.He is a graduate of Yeshiva Dov Revel, Yeshiva University High School, CCNY and Harvard.

God and Evil (1988), the first book in the landmark Summa Metaphysica series,has been assigned as a Required Text at universities around the world, and was a  Book of the Month feature selection of the  Jewish Book Club. The work has gone through Five Printings and eighteen thousand copies to date. The author is known as a leading conceptual theorist.

The two–volume Summa Metaphysica series was crafted over a twenty–six year span, 1982–1988 and then 2001–2008. It was the prime focus of a major international academic conference at Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson,NY), April 2012. [see].

Jews, Church & Civilization – Birnbaum’s seven–volume integrated Jewish TimeLine work – was crafted in the 2002–2012 period.

David Birnbaum’s works have been used as course texts at Brandeis, Hebrew University,Yeshiva University, Hebrew Union College, Tel Aviv University, Emory, JTS, Bar Ilan, and Union Theological Seminary, among others. His works have been reviewed by dozens of leading academic journals worldwide.

A long time ago, he taught “The Science of Strategy” at the New School in NY.He lives and works in Manhattan.


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