Jews, Church, & Civilization I


The objective of this endeavor is to provide a Jewish History TimeLine integrated within the context of world history.

Spanning the millennia,  and courtesy in large part to various persecutions emanating from sundry European/Russian areas, the Jewish people / nation / tribe / religious  group / nation /entity / civilization now find themselves around the globe. As is known, the Jews tend to leave their mark. Thus, there is a rich and intense history to endeavor to chronicle.

The publisher commissioned a multi–volume set. I have endeavored to optimize within those  constraints. Needless to say, if the allocated space were ten times the allotted amount, there would still be subjects not covered and major  subjects not fully covered in all their rich texture.

Thus, this work is subjective in noting key secular and Jewish ‘energy points’ spanning time  immemorial. Please forgive my human frailties.

This has been a seven year endeavor, and I have attempted to do justice to a great nation.


David Birnbaum


As we were taught in first grade in (Modern Orthodox Jewish Day School) Yeshiva of Forest Hills in Queens, Long Island, first we start with  ‘bereshith,’ i.e. we start at the beginning….

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