EXCERPTS from David Birnbaum's The Crucifixion (of the Jews)

A Pattern of Systematic Defamation?


...a pervasive pattern of  toxic fabrications by the authors of the New Testament. These serial defamations  have served to demonize and toxically brand the Jews in toto for the entire Christian era.


...The demonizations  were typically related via now-iconic vignettes. Embedded in the New Testament itself, the  vignettes would be promulgated in Church, Church school, at home and  via incendiary 'passion sagas'. [Passion sagas' were dramatizations  'for the Christian masses' which often extracted the most extreme and virulent components from the New Testament and packaged them together into a  single highly-toxic package.]


...In turn, this institutionalized demonization would directly or indirectly doom many millions of Jews - over a span of 19 centuries - to a range of  negativity/iniquity - from discrimination and opprobrium - to persecution, torture and/or ignominious death. On a communal level, consequences would include, among other travails, ghettos, pogroms, expulsions and genocide. .


....Church  'histories' were edited and disseminated  at a time in history when the Church thoroughly dominated  "the organs of the media" via its sway over the Roman Empire - for about eleven centuries - roughly  from the time of Constantine's mother's conversion to Christianity in 313 CE until the fall of Constantinople in 1,453 CE. By the time that era had closed, the damage to the Jews was irreversible. The toxic Church narrative, assiduously  promulgated over the centuries, was set-in-stone.


...Church texts de facto  self-referenced other Church texts. A  'surround sound'  of  (toxic-to-the-Jews) Church narrative would engulf first the Roman Empire, then Greater Europe and  Western civilization in general. (It would later seep into  Islamic culture.) The Church would 'frame the narrative'  and the narrative was deadly.


...The merging of Church / state / media  is always a recipe for grand abuse. This particular merging was on a grand and multi-century scale. The Church's  de facto  'absolute power' over the 'media' guaranteed  the lethal  (near-global)  poisonous Church-branding of the Jews.


...Exiled, de-based, toxified,  demonized,  de-humanized,  detached from its Jerusalem base,  the Jerusalem-centric Jewish intellectual elite would be unable to  push back or counter...The 'headlock on history' by the Church to frame the narrative of the First Century would only be broken in the 20th and 21st centuries post-Holocaust.....


...For a constellation of reasons, this work, the Crucifixion, could not even have 'seen the light of day'  prior to the 20th Century...