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Modus Operandi

The Church Fathers’ Screenplay

Morphing the Imagery


the subject the morphing
a) Christian(ized) icons: morph ‘life transition’ > the hyper-celestial
b) Jewish personages: morph the mundane > the demonic / diabolical
c) core Jewish icons morph the heroic > chequered
d) Jewish leadership morph the establishment > criminal element
e) bullet-proof Jewish icons morph the icon > invisibility
f) God of Israel: morph the celestial > the authoritarian



a) the birth, death and after-death of Jesus

- are hyper- celestial-ized ( my term )

b) the random Jew

- is demonized.

c) Abraham and Moses

- are tangentially dissed.

d) the Sanhedrin

- is criminalized.

e) Judah the Maccabee

- is invisible-ized ( my term )

f) the God of Israel is at-a-minimum

- implied to be authoritarian and uncaring.




All of the motifs just-noted above
remain extant in the Christian Bible
and in the ‘Christian narrative’
employed/disseminated world-wide to this very day
- Nostre Aetate notwithstanding -
in many, many tens of thousands
of churches and Christian schools globally
- every Sunday and weekday